CUSPER is a new independent culture magazine based in Los Angeles, founded to fill the gaps of the current transitional media landscape —  from the real to the virtual, from the establishment to the fringes, from one zeitgeist to the next.  CUSPER will platform the unique, off-center and particular, giving a voice to writers and artists who don't feel at home in more established media circles or younger, internet-crazed ones.

Our goal is to create a space for essays, art, fiction, hot takes, and deep dives on the culture of the moment and what it means to live on the cusp of something new.  

Each issue will take on a new topic through the lens of the "Cusper” -- someone living between generations, identities.  Always arriving, never quite here.

SUMMER is a writer, filmmaker, and space cadet intent on cutting her own bangs, whose work has screened and published via Silverlake Shorts, Woods Hole Film Festival, Hollyweb, ITVF, Oaxaca Film Fest, Currant Jam Magazine, and Dances with Films.  

MAX is a Philadelphia born, LA based writer. He used to work for Scott Rudin, who was canceled, and BRON Studios, which went bankrupt. Now, he’s trying to publish his first novel, EXQUISITELY BORED, and complains about the Sixers a lot.  Summer is his sister and not his wife.

Raised in an isolated cabin in the snowy woods of Minnesota, Lucas Murphy was raised on canned fish, fantasy novels and box sets of 90s television. Now a writer and filmmaker based in Los Angeles, his non-fiction has been published in Mosaic and Mercer Street, and his TV project KING IN YELLOW is in development with August Pointe Productions.